Special Music Video's                                       

Aaron Cremona "Don't Worry"
Aaron Cremona "Revelation"
Aaron Cremona "My Story"
Aaron Cremona "All My Hope"
Aaron Cremona "Jesus Son of GOD"
Aaron Cremona "Please Be Still"
Aaron Cremona "Your Moyhers Like a River"
Aaron Cremona " Born in Bethlehem"
Aaron Cremona " Come As You Are"
Aaron Cremona "This is Amazing Grace"
Aaron Cremona "Yahweh"
Aaron Cremona "He Knows Your Name"
Aaron Cremona  "The Shepard"
Aaron Cremona and
Brooklynn Ryan "Haleluja"
Brooklynn Ryan And Aaron Cremona "Wave Maker"

Brooklynn Ryan And Aaron Cremona "Silent Night"
Brooklynn Ryan  " I Am Yours And You Are Mine"
Brooklynn Ryan  "It is No Secret What God Can Do"
Charlene Connley "Holy Ground"
Charlene Connley "Old Rugged Cross"
Charlene Connley "Shall We Gather At The River"
Charlene Connley "America Beautiful,God Bless America and When the Saints Go Marching In"
Charlene Conneley "Amazing Grace"
Charlene Conneley 8-01-21
Charlene Conneley 6-06-21

Charlene Conneley "It Is Well With My Soul"
Don deMeurers "When HE was on the Cross"
Don deMeurers and Jadene Boot 9-19-21
Don deMeurers "Thank You"
Justin Cargill and Aaron Cremona "Blessed Be Your Name"
Ken and Colette Bender "Jesus Is Buried Here"
Ken and Colette Bender 5-03-21
Ken Bender And Gary French 2-15-22
Ken Bender "Mary Did You Know"
Ken Bender "Through It All"
Ken Bender "Reach Out to Jesus"
Ken Bender "This Is Why I Sing"
Ken and Colette Bender "Then Came The Morning"
Melissa VanZandt 3-22-22
Melissa And Mariah VanZandt "Look What You've Done"
Melissa And Mariah VanZandt 3-08-22

Pastor Ed Weiss "Blessing in Music"
Steve Weatherford Wally Dorsoh Pastor Thomas
Teen Talk Singers "My Lighthouse"
Teen Talk Choir "Holy Spirit and Amazing Grace"
Wally Dorsoh "Its No Secret What GOD Can Do"
William Yates "Where Ever I Go"